The Inductions are as follows

Krav Maga inductions can be held at Aldershot Hampshire Addlestone on a weekly basis.

All newcomers are required to attend a mandatory induction session before beginning to participate in any of the classes.

During this you class environment. Once you have completed the induction, you may then will learn the basic principles of Krav Maga, such as 360 degree defense and key commands and terminology used. you can then go on to train in any of our class locations as you will have sufficient knowledge to ensure you get the most out of your training.

Training Wear

Students should wear loose trousers and a t shirt and bring a Towel and some water.

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The inductions are at Addlestone Fullbrook School Surrey and at Fight science Gym Aldershot Hampshire.

Young adults from 12 years may join with parental consent.

All beginners are required to attend a mandatory induction session before participating in any classes.

The induction session is Free and lasts for 90 minutes , during which you will be trained by one of our instructors on the basics of Krav Maga, and will learn some of the terminology used at classes. After you have completed the induction you can then attend any of the classes listed on this site with enough knowledge to get the most from your training and feel comfortable at your first class please see membership page for further details.

Inductions take place weekly in our regular Classes, I teach 100% of the Time.