Meet John Simpson

John SimpsonJohn Simpson is the founder of Complete Krav Maga in Surrey and Hampshire, We are Affiliated to The British Combat Association and Affiliated to Krav Maga Core International which is an international training and accreditation system developed by Haim Sasson and Amnon Darsa, two of the most accomplished Krav Maga and martial arts authorities in the world

John has been practising martial arts and fighting systems since the age of 10 and is a qualified Krav Maga Instructor, Gaining his qualification with the IKMF under Amnon Darsa and Tommy Blom and then with Krav Maga Global. John regularly seeks out and continulaly trains with the best people in the world in regards to Krav Maga and Self protection,thus ensuring he keeps his Krav Maga technique and training methods up to the highest standards, having recently trained under self protection Expert John Skillien & Krav Maga Expert Itay Gil ( featured on TV program ‘ The human weapon”

John has just received a Commendation on the 19th March 2011 from the Commander of Hampshire Police for effecting the arrest of a violent person in Fleet High Street Hampshire. in April 2011.

John has trained with and has been instructed by Expert Levels with the krav maga Global Expert team Eyal Yanilov, Nick Maison, Tommy Blom, Amnon Darsa and Tal Kvores . John has been to source of Krav Maga in Israel on two occasions where he trained with the Krav Maga Global team under Eyal Yanilov, one of the most highly ranked Krav Maga Instructor in the world today.

John is also a Qualified Krav Maga Instructor Under Krav Maga Expert Itay Gil former captain of special forces counter terror group & CEO Protect Isreali Security Solutions also qualified Under the International Krav Maga Federation and Krav Maga Global.


The most inspirational person I have ever met in my life is Geoff Thompson, The Legendary Martial Artist, Bafta Winner, Author & Teacher from which I continue to learn from and will always be inspired by.

“I have had the absolute priviledge of attending seminars or master classes with the following outstanding martial artists who are amongst the best in the world, prolific in the arena of reality combat and legendary in the world of self protection. They include the lengendary- Geoff Thompson, Peter Consterdine, Al Peasland, Matty Evans, Tony Somers, Ian Abernethy, Dave turton, John Skillen, Rick Young and Mo Teague.”


With a diverse history of martial arts training including Hap Kune Do, Aikido Spirit Combat, Wing Chun Lau Gar and Whu Shu Kwan, John has also participated competitively in western boxing at an amateur level from a very early age.

John’s Boxing career spanned over 36 amateur fights and has also boxed professional. He claimed the ABA North West Divisional championship he was London ABA finalist 3 times and was awarded Boxer of the Year twice at Hayes ABC.

John Simpson during his boxing career

John is a Black belt 1st Dan in ninjutsu, Black belt 1st Dan with the British Martial Arts Association, Self protection instructor with the British combat association, level 2 instructor (under Geoff Thompson) ultimate self protection instructor and masters level–assessor (Dave Turton) self defense federation, John is Black belt 1st Degree in in Geoff Thompsons Real Combat Systems Awarded by Geoff Thompson John is a Qualified Krav Maga Instructor under ( IKMF) the( KMG ) and also Qualified under Itay Gil Krav Maga expert former captain special forces counter terror group & CEO Protect Isreali Security Solutions.


John invites students of all levels to join him at the Complete Krav Maga training sessions:

A quote by Self protection Expert Lee Morrison is very true ” 30 seconds in the street is worth 3 years in a training hall! all day long!

I have been in violent confrontions in the pavement arena and I have also competed professionaliy in the Sports Arena.

I bring to my classes the combined experience of Krav Maga, Reality Self Protection, Psychology & Mindset, having trained and learnt from some of the best people in the world.

Above all ! I Teach Awareness, How to avoid & talk down situations protecting your personal space & escape if at all possible.

However if all else fails.


“Complete Krav Maga is a fantastic self defence mechanism first and foremost, however it will help anyone to build their confidence and awareness in society. I’ve created Complete Krav Maga to provide tuition for pupils of all levels of experience in and around Surrey.”

For further information you can call me on

So One may walk in peace..