Private Tuition

This is aimed at those who wish to speed up their learning process within the system. We understand that not everyone works a ‘9 – 5 job’ and getting to regular
classes can be difficult, with work schedules and the locations of our classes. Some people also prefer the focused attention of one-to-one training. In either
situation, private tuition can offer you a number of advantages:

  • Learn at a rate that is comfortable for you with your instructor’s full attention
  • Assurance that any corrections will be recognised early and that you will understand KM more quickly

Many regular students who attend the classes also compliment their group training with private tuition in order to really focus on personal improvement of their techniques, tactical thinking and reactions.

Private tuition is an ideal solution for those whose busy lifestyles which do not afford them the luxury to attend a regular class. We currently use venues in the following locations:

  • Aldershot or at your location

At Complete krav maga we also offer a number of schemes to allow you to reduce the costs of private tuition by splitting the costs with a friend, colleague or training partner. For pricing details please  email me directly ,prices are on a application basis as seen below, Please allow  to book approx  3 weeks in advance.

Private Tuition on on (Location)

Prices (per hour) individual

Prices (per hour) Group

Aldershot or at your location Charged on a hourly Basis POA Charged on a hourly Basis .POA

Private/ Corporate Courses:

We are able to offer private courses in the following subjects:

  • Personal safety and basic self defence techniques (corporate or personal)
  • Dealing with knife threats (corporate or personal)
  • Dealing with small firearms threats (CP operatives/ operatives and Military.

If you are interested in private tuition or for us to arrange a private course for you or your company please contact me on