Women’s Krav Maga & Self Defence

Our Mixed Classes are  aimed at giving Women the skills to deal with situations that can occur in every day life and is Suitable for all  over the age of 14 years old, & all fitness levels.

From our  Session You will Gain

  • Courage
  • Determination
  • Awareness Mindset
  • Explosion
  • Using your voice as a Verbal weapon
  • Talking down situations
  • Self defence
  • Striking whilst having  lots of Fun!

On the streets there are no rules! As a female you are viewed by some attackers as a soft and easy target. To be safe you must be aware and know how to defend yourself . It’s not something that is easy to do You must be able to turn on aggression very fast! You must know how to react to minimize any risk of harm.

John Simpson, Chief instructor  of  Complete Krav Maga says: “The sessions will give you the skills that you will require to keep you safe !

 IN the streets there are   No rules!  We Teach  Just the real tried and tested self defence that you need.

Classes  will include:

  • Awareness avoidance
  • Personal space ( The Fence)
  • Mind-set
  • Striking vunerable areas
  • Learning to hit very very hard
  • Being a hard target.
  • Learn to deal with the most common attacks
  • Recall Explosive techniques instantly
  • Tap into the correct mind-set
  • Be able to Deal with  multiple attackers.


We all invest money into improving our looks, on gym membership and the latest technology, so stop and think to yourself… Have I invested wisely? Have I invested in myself and my own personal safety?  These are questions that we need to ask ourselves. Workshop / Training Sessions could provide you with life saving skills for the price of less than a few drinks.

What to wear

Any kind of Training Wear, Shorts T-Shirts Jogging Bottoms etc, also bring a  Bottle of water  and a towel.

if you require any further information than please contact John Simpson on johns1920@gmail.com