Testimonials from Krav Maga Experts

itay-gilItay Gil, who brings with him a lifelong career in security. Mr. Gil is an IDF Captain and served in Israel’s special forces paratroops brigade. After completing his compulsory service, he was chosen to join Israel’s elite counter-terror and hostage rescue commando unit, “Yamam”, where he became a career combatant. In the Yamam, Mr. Gil participated in as many as three missions each day over the course of ten years.

John Simpson is a qualified Instructor , John has great Krav Maga & hand to hand combat skills along with his charisma and energy, and I highly recommend John Simpson as an excellent Reality self defense Trainer for civilians’ and law enforcement.

Itay Gil (World Acclaimed Krav Maga Expert,) Former Israelia Special Forces & Anti Terror unit & Founder President of Protect USA.

goeffLengendary Martial Arts Expert, Ex Doorman, Bafta award winning writer with over 40 published Books in 20 different languages Geoff Thompson is one of the worlds leading experts on self defense and personal protection. In the ninties he almost single handedly revolutionized the UK martial arts scene by introducing his extremely practical and realistic ideas on street self defense and how to train for it.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing John Simpson for many years, he is the veteran trainer successfully completing more of my masterclass courses than anyone else, ever. He also earned his black belt under me, with great distinction. I am very proud to have John as an instructor under my banner. As well as being a brilliant martial artist, John has a charisma and a courage that always inspires me. It is with the highest endorsement that I recommend John Simpson; his teaching, his character and his great humility.”

Geoff Thompson – 8th Dan Black Belt Real Combat Systems & 7th Dan British Combat Association

medium_john-SkillenGreco Roman Wrestling, Freestyle Wrestling, 4th Degree Black belt Kickboxing, Black Sash Kung Fu, Black belt Judo and Judo Coach, A.B.A Full Boxing Coach, B.C.A full Self Protection Coach, Former national Judo champion, Former Amateur Boxer and an Amateur Boxing Association champion trainer.Over 20 years involvement with Nightclub and Venue security
John Skillen is a legendary fighter in England thats had 2000 fights, most of which occurred during the 15 plus years he worked as a bouncer. He crushed everybody. A one punch knockout artist who’s trained exclusively in Judo, boxing and other arts.

“I first met John when he requested a one to one training session with me at my gym in Loughborough. I wasn;t sure what type of man I would be meeting. I was pleasantly surprised.  John Simpson is one of those rare breed of men that seek knowledge to the point of overflowing. A strong powerful individual who is always seeking to better himself, with the sole intent of passing on his knowledge  to help those that seek martial prowess.  He is a highly motivated in his goals and a kind and humble person. John is one of the best  people I have had the pleasure to teach. Having met him on several further self defence  courses and watched him perform and guide others he trained with, I can highly recommend John and his teaching methods.”

John Skillen – Lengendary Martial Artist Expert, Ex Doorman, Author, One of the world leading Self Protection experts, Gym Owner

garyGary strives to be a ‘serial champion’ – I want to be the best at everything I do. This is perhaps highlighted by my sporting achievements over the last 30 years that has taken me to win thirteen World Titles across a variety of fighting sports. I still compete professionally at fighting sports in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts, often incorrectly termed ‘Cage Fighting’), Kickboxing, Thai Boxing, and K-1. I hold Black Belts in Judo, Ju Jitsu and Kickboxing and started way back in 1976, turning professional in the early ‘90’s and I am still look to compete today. Gary has been in British Teams for Judo, Kickboxing and Ju Jitsu.

“John Simpson is a man of many depths. Just when I think I understand him, he amazes me a little more. John is a Krav Maga instructor. He is a former professional boxer. He kickboxes and he grapples. He has studied applied psychology to a high degree. He applies all of this to others, and himself. Let me give two examples of how John has amazed me. Firstly, he has received a police commendation for assisting a police officer in apprehending a shoplifter. Whilst driving through Fleet High Street John spies the incident happening, and the police officer was really out of his depth. Without hesitation he jumps out of his car, applies appropriate control and restraint – and quite nicely passes the criminal to the police. John is only a little fellow, quite unassuming – and the criminal’s worst nightmare! Secondly, he astounded me during a personal training session. John regularly comes to see me to help sharpen his own kickboxing skills, using me for padwork etc – every fighter needs a coach! John invests in himself, just as much as John invests in his clients. I had set a task for all of my clients that week. The task involved a 25kg sand bag, wrapped in duct tape, which was totally sweaty and slippery. My clients were to lift it off the floor, above their heads, lower it and repeat. As many times as they could. Now, those who know John, will know he’s not exactly a big fella. I didn’t expect him to do too well. Especially against the professional rugby player, the heavyweight grappler, and the body builder. John started lifting. He started to struggle on around 15 reps – the slipperiness causing difficulties. Then he found his rhythm. Lift after lift he completed, without a break. 40 reps and the bodybuilder’s total was dead, 76 and the grappler was beaten. He surpassed the 98 reps of the rugby player and went on to complete 117 reps – absolutely astounding. A further testament to not just his physical ability, but his mental ability too – he just refused to be beaten! All of this John gives to his clients. He invests in himself to be best placed to training them. His psychology training combined with his many years of teaching experience means it is communicated accurately and efficiently.
I am proud to call John a friend, and cannot recommend him to clients strongly enough.”

Gary Smiler Turner, Martial Artist 13 x World Champion Kick-boxing – Ju jitsu

medium_richard-beach-100k“There’s an old saying. Some people ‘talk the talk’ and some people ‘walk the walk’. Some people will tell you how to do something, the best way to go about getting something done, but they lack experience. Then there are those that just do it who have the experience but unable to convey what it is that got the job done.
Its rare occurrence in life to find someone has both attributes. A person that can speak with authority, eloquently and articulate something based on their personal experience is rare indeed.
John Simpson is one such rare individual whose life’s experiences from a dis-effected teenager to successful boxer, businessman and martial arts teacher have given him much insight and wisdom. His humility and kindness are always apparent. As a martial arts teacher I would encourage anyone to train with John. His unique perspective means the things he teaches work because you know they have been tried and tested by a man that can talk the talk and walk the walk. ”

Richard Barnes, 3rd Dan Black Belt Real Combat Systems & British Combat Association, Triathlete, Broadcaster, Writer

medium_peter-skillenPeter is an accomplished Martial Artist holding multiple black belts, he continues to study and coach various different forms of martial arts to the general public as well as national, world, and Olympic champions of various sports. Peter sites his Martial Arts training alongside his own personal beliefs as the axis on which his success in life depends.
“I met john simpson a fez years ago in coventry. he instantly struck me as a man who is passionate about everything he does. He is without doubt an instructor who is in it for the art and not the profit. John is nothing short of an inspirational passionate and knowledgeable teacher. I highly recomend john and his teaching to anyone wanting to experience first class tuition. John is a first class martial artist and a true gentleman.”

Peter Skillen – Martial Artist, Author Film Maker Coach ,Actor

no-imageJohn Simpson is in a small group of self defence instructors who as actually stepped into the combat arena. He was a very good boxer so knows the fear of real combat. He is a real gentleman who has travelled far and wide to learn his trade from the best. He is a Truly nice guy and I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a tutor and a friend.

Anthony Somers, 5th Dan British Combat Association.

no-imageI have known and trained with John for nearly two years, and during that time I have found him to be a magnificent martial artist. Whether as a training partner or Instructor, John is honest and hardworking in equal measure. John is always a pleasure to spend time with, and an all round great guy to train with and learn from.

Kia Wilson: Unite Tae Kwon Do & Fitness Chief Instructor

Testimonials from Complete Krav Maga Students

Complete KravMaga with John Simpson is just great!
The Induction day was excellent, quick introduction of what the KravMaga is about and how we can use it on a Day to Day situations. 15minutes warm-up and we all started training and learning first techniques.
KravMaga classes are very flexible and friendly, you can attend at 3 different locations that suit your schedule.
John is great Instructor, if you don’t quite understand the techniques or if you learn slower than the others you will NOT be left behind.
John always explain and presenting the techniques multiple times so you can get them first time!.
I would recommend Complete KravMaga to anyone who would like to experienced something different, improve self confidence and condition or just do it for fun!. Open to All.
Thank you.

Rafal K from Esher

“Training at complete Krav is intense but great fun! You learn how to deal with real life confrontations and how to be safe! Lessons are varied from learning how to talk down situations along with many techniques from knives, bats etc but most importantly you learn how to hit hard! John is a great friendly guy who knows his stuff! I recommend complete Krav to anyone who is looking to protect them selves build confidence and keep fit“
Dan Hunter from Woking, Surrey

“Complete Krav Maga with John Simpson… This is a reality combat system that is for everyone. Men and Women of all ages, ability and fitness. Whether you are a seasoned martial artist or have never trained in any combat arts you will love this. Effective Self Defence taught by a gentleman in a fun enviroment.“
Lee Smith from Farnborough, Hamphire

“Complete krav maga realistic self defence classes for realistic street defence situations.“
Simon Skinner from Addlestone, Surrey

“It is suited to all levels of ability and fitness, and John’s teaching style inspires you to learn and progress. I had never done anything before this, yet in less than a year have achieved my Level 2 grading and am looking forward to level 3!“
Andrew Qugley from Woking, Surrey

“I do krav maga with john on a Wednesday night at fight science gym in Aldershot and would just like to say that john does a fantastic job of taking a normal person that doesn’t know how to look after them self in a combat situation and teach them how to effectively disable and escape the threat using various techniques. John’s classes are very good for keeping fit as well as learning how to use krav maga which is good. We always have fun in his lessons and help each other and ultimately have a good time.“
Joe Hutton from Aldershot. 15 Years Old

“Train Krav Maga in an ego & attitude free environment.“
Grant Evans from Addlestone, Surrey

“One of the best things for me is the technique’s John teaches us are all based on real scenario’s you may come across in the street and not some fancy moves you learn in a dojo which probably would be no use.The classes are enjoyable and John makes sure you get the technique’s right. I’ve been doing Krav Maga for almost a year now and I’m not saying I’m going to go and start fights but should I feel threatened I feel more than confident of defending myself.“
Kyron Micheal from Windsor, Berkshire

“I have attended John Simpsons classes two or three times a week for since May 2012. There is always a good mixture of experience there, and the classes are well turned out with a good friendly atmosphere. John runs his classes well and his teaching style is relaxed but informative. He is always willing to re demonstrate the move he is teaching to enable the students to understand it fully.”
Barrie Yarrow from Aldershot, Hampshire