Mr John Simpson


On 7th April 2011 PC Paul Franks from the Fleet Safer Neighbourhood Team, attended the Harlington Centre for a routine enquiry.


He then became aware that a theft had taken place in the Boots store.


There were 2 males involved and as he was making an arrest one of the males began to become agitated an angry.  He appeared to be getting ready to run off.  He was non-compliant to the officers instructions.

PC Franks then attempted to handcuff the male but because he was sweating heavily, the officers struggled to do so.


Mr Simpson came to his aid saying ‘Calm down – Just let him do his job’.  As all 3 struggled, they collided with shop furniture.  PC Franks managed to get the male to the floor very much with Mr Simpson’s assistance.  Other officers then arrived and the male was detained.


If it had not been for Mr Simpson assisting Pc Franks, the offender may have got away and PC Franks may have been injured trying to detain him alone.


Sir, I commend to you Mr John Simpson for going above and beyond his role as a member of the public to effect the arrest of a violent person.