Krav Maga  on vulnerable  and pressure points.,it is a well-known principle of Krav Maga to place  emphasis on attacking vulnerable soft tissue and pressure points. Many counterattacks involve eye gouging, groin attacks, and strikes to the throat.  Krav Maga is known for Groin attacks and thats  the main difference between Krav Maga and a lot of other martial  arts, A  strike to the groin, if you honestly believe that you may be attacked or threatened with your life is a very justified thing to do, in order to that you  can  escape, even punch to the groin area . Krav Maga goal is to neutralize a dangerous attacker as quickly as possible. Plain and simple. Sometimes a strike to the groin is the best option to neutralize an attack.  If  a  person is  attacking you  i.e.  wants to hurt, maim, or possibly kill you so why should you give him the courtesy of not hurting him in that area in order for you to escape with your life to enable you to go  home to your loved ones. Talking down  situations as well as   striking attacks, keeps Krav Maga in the real world,  de-escalate a violent confrontation, Awareness , Avoidance are all tools of great Self defence  various grabs are also used to exert control over your attacker and put you in a position to end the threat, However the best form of Self defence is not being in the situation in the first place.

Stay Safe

John Simpson