I have always been interested in the defensive / fighting arts. My first memory was going with my father to Karate (Wado Ryu) in Birmingham when I was around four years old. He trained for many years to the level of 2nd Dan and has always insisted that his training all those years ago has never let him down.

He isn’t one for fighting, or strutting around like the big ‘I AM’ (He’s in his late 60’s now). His army training taught him to be the gray man, and he still is. He said that his Karate training gave him the confidence to deal with situations without having to use aggression or to defend himself. Has he had to use it…… Probably! he has never said.

So here we are… I am my father’s age when I asked him (Or there about) about his training. I too have trained for years, on and off in Karate (Wado Kai) and now in Krav Maga. For the last few days I have been thinking about what I have learned and taken from the training I have gone through. Karate has given me fitness, discipline and determination to progress through the grading system. However, Krav Maga in such a short time has given me much more.

I have been a practicing Kravist since February, and have enjoyed every minute. My fitness level and stamina is alot higher than it was during karate. I find I am more confident in my ability to handle my emotions and stress. I am more confident and aware of the possible dangers when dealing with confrontational people. I am learning not only to punch and kick, but the variations within the applications and techniques. Defence against improvised weapons, clubs, knives and firearms, Chokes and ground work. It’s not a rocket science system that uses complicated movements and techniques, but movements and techniques that can work in real life situations from day one.

This is a defensive system that I am prepared to stick with. My only regreat  is that I didn’t start earlier. If your reading this Blog and decide to look into Krav Maga, Complete Krav Maga based in Surrey with  Founder & Instructor John Simpson would be a great place to come to.. For further details, click on the ‘Classes’ link to the left of this Blog…….. Alan Marsh