Whether it is a bully at school or a stranger on the street, kids can  face situations every day. As parents and teachers and responsible people  we should support our kids and students should they have to stand up for themselves. Children should be able to go to out without the fear of  getting in trouble .

Although bullying can occur among individuals of  any  age, children tend to be at higher risk for bullying. Targets of verbal bullying based on weight can experience a number of negative consequences, including a change in body perception.

. Having low self-esteem because of peer criticism can have life long effects if not addressed

Growing up in a rough part of London I was rescued  Several times by my parents  from older Children whilst growing up.

Krav Maga training provides a creative fitness for Children to get in shape and to gain the confidence they need to stand up for themselves. It exposes them to fun fitness and a healthy, active lifestyle.

.Krav Maga and other arts and sports like Judo etc builds up  a mental and physical toughness that will prove to be an asset in every area of their lives.

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