Natanya Israel Home of Krav Maga

In June of 2010 , I travelled to the Homeland of Krav Maga for what  was an unforgettable experience travelling to Israel  to  train with the Top guys in the world of Krav Maga! 40 Instructors from around the world, came to together for this event which was 7 days of intensive training 10 hours a day and then grading to our next level on the the day. After the first day of meeting and greeting everyone in the organization , It was was down to business. the training was varied from training on the beach, training in the sea, in the park with all kinds of obstacles, on a bus , we also had . night time fighting on the beach were the lighting was drastically decreased . Most of  the training was carried out in the Judo Hall which was  the Main Training Hall of Krav Maga Global. Krav maga is a system with techniques that  are very similar as it is said ” do not look for technique upon technique ” instead look for the similarities!! krav maga is a system which you can learned very quickly as it teaches how to defend yourself using first your natural instincts! basically our body own natural reflex! so that in times of stress! i.e. in a confrontational situation we can defend ourselves without to much thinking!  with tools that will work in any given situation! Some of the  days were spent meditating  on the beach at 6.30am with Grand Master Eyal then it was a quick breakfast then on to the regular training. I meet some old friends and plenty of new ones from around the globe!  Everyone in the camp from the student to the grand master was respectful and very humbling to everyone. It is said that the” higher and greater you become the more humble and gentle you become”. to your fellow man and indeed women! Never a truer word said”